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Vault Doors

Each vault door is hand-crafted to exacting specifications as required for each project. You can choose from in-swing, out-swing, any number or size of locking bolts. You can also choose any style lock needed, your finish, and from sizes 18 inches to 8 feet wide. Do you require a ballistic rating? We have it! All of our doors may be locked or unlocked from inside the vault or safe room.

Whether you choose a pan-type door made from 2 layers of US-made steel and filled with Gypsum Cement, a plate steel-type door with a true ballistic rating, a wood-front laminated to the steel, or any combination of these, your security and safety are our number one priority.

All of our doors use our proprietary “quick lock” interior security bolt for ultimate safety.

To begin the process of owning your very own custom vault door we start with understanding your needs and expectations. We simply need to know dimensions of your concrete opening and how you would like the door to swing. What lock type ( dial, key, electronic or biometric, or multiple of these types). How many locking bolts are required? What type finish is best for your application? Do you need fire protection?

How it's made:
  • Our doors start with a laser cut formed frame designed for each project
  • We offer both 1 piece and 2 piece clamp style frames
  • After careful design the frame for your new door is fabricated and prepared for the vault door to be inserted
  • Your door front is then fabricated as required
  • Following the door front fabrication, the remainder of the door frame and mechanism for locking and unlocking are installed
The ballistic-rated vault door is all I could ask for....totally professional work from Safe At Home USA!"

Wade C., Atlanta, GA

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