With over 35 years of experience in commercial concrete construction, we are the nation's leader in constructing concrete rooms.

About our concrete rooms

Dozens of bank vaults throughout the Southeast bear our signature. Numerous private vaults from Florida to Arizona and up the eastern seaboard provide ultimate security for gun collectors, jewelers, art collectors and those that just seek the peace of mind and security of having their personal valuables safe and secure.

Need a 2 story vault? We’ve done that. Need a vault in your existing basement? Yes, we build those too. Our walls and ceilings are all poured concrete. Need to add a vault in the corner of your garage or shop? Look no further. Need a simple small storm shelter? Call on us!

Building a foundation-style house? Add a vault floor-level. New house on a concrete slab? Put that vault in and build around it. Want to add a vault to your existing foundation-level house? Yes, we have done that too!

Whether it involves new construction or remodeling, we are the absolute best at building vaults. Typically, we pour walls and ceilings in one pour to eliminate construction joints. Conduits are embedded in the walls and ceiling for power. Air vents are appropriately located.

There is a considerable interest in underground bunkers. These projects are a special type construction and require considerable planning and design. A minimum of 2 and preferably 3 ingress and egress points are required. A special consideration must be given to ground water pressures and other soil conditions. Fresh air supply and stand-by power requirements must also be considered. If you require a bunker we have the concrete construction experience to accommodate your needs. In conjunction with professional engineers and design specialist, you can have the bunker of your desires.

How it's made:
  • Concrete is a wonderful construction material. By casting in place your vault you are achieving maximum security and fire protection.
  • Rebar is used per engineer or design recommendations to increase the strength and longevity of your vault.
  • Walls and ceilings are typically 8 inches thick and offer 2 hour fire rating, but can be increased per need and design.
  • The bank vaults we build are all 12 inch on walls and ceiling.
My concrete vault gives the ultimate protection to my customers' guns."

Danny R., Professional Gunsmith

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