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Interior Wood-front Security Doors

There are times and applications where the security level does not require a concrete vault, but additional security over standard interior hollow core doors is required. This is the application where our steel panel door with wood front is the perfect solution.

This is one of our more popular applications and can be installed in place of any door in your home or business. These doors are custom built to match perfectly the doors in your home or business.

Our door incorporates all of the locking features of our standard vault doors in a light weight package designed for installation in wood framed construction. These doors typically use a non key retaining UL listed lock, but may also incorporate a remote keypad. These doors feature our proprietary quick lock mechanism for use as the perfect safe room.

Installation is a simple procedure. We remove the existing wood door and frame (being careful to save casing trim), install your new steel frame, reinstall casing and hang your wood front vault door on the hinges of the new steel frame. You then have a very secure room, master closet, or any other location you choose. The best part: no one will ever know it is a vault door! All we need is a picture of your existing door type and width.

My new interior safe room door was built to match perfectly with the doors in our house...It was also crated and shipped nicely to my house!

Shaun C., Texas

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